Getting pregnant for many teenage girls is almost too easy and resulting in unwanted pregnancies.  In other instances, other women are sexually violated.  It is time for our community to come together regardless of political party and focus on ways to reduce teen pregnancies and reduce sexual violence directed toward women and men.  The alternative is a decision to abort a fetus, one of the most intimate and morally complex issues facing a mother.   Because The U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade (1973) used "viability" (the ability to live outside a mother's womb) and a somewhat questionable moral justification when they decided that only a viable, unborn living human entity had a legal right to life equivalent to the right of choice of a human adult female, the Gordian knot of the appropriateness of abortion has been almost impossible to untangle.

Instead of arguing whether or not abortion is a mother's choice or an immoral evil and tantamount to murder,  Utah needs to continue to focus on the ways to reduce unwanted teenage pregnancies in the first place and whether it's more programs that help young girls become more comfortable and confident to telling boys "no" or teaching boys about manly responsibility.  Utah needs to continue to focus on ways to reduce predatory sex and discover better ways to introduce young men to discover self-satisfaction treating women in  multitude of ways that don't take advantage of women.  Finally, Utah needs to develop more ways that parents can talk more openly about sex with their children and be role-models before they encounter embarrassing situations with their sexually active teenagers or teenagers who have the potential to become sexual deviants.  Maybe it's time for Utah to come out of the closet.

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