How we humans treat animals reflects on the human nature of our existence.  Cruelty, savagery, barbarism, viciousness are words often associated with beasts and inhuman things.  Perhaps it is time we begin to examine how we conduct our lives and how we expect our governmental institutions to reflect our beliefs and conduct when it comes to the animal kingdom.

How do we expect our overcrowded animal shelters to execute unwanted animals?  What  are our expectations when it comes to domesticated dogs and cats and how they are treated?  Such animals with central nervous systems are by their nature prone to experience sensations such as pleasure and pain.   Are there to be limits to which dogs and cats can be subjected to willful and perhaps intentional severe pain and suffering?

It appears to be the time for the State Legislature to again review how current animal cruelty laws are being enforced and whether or not cost-effective methods have been undertaken at animal shelters in their compassionate approaches to ending the lives of its charges.  The periodic extended pain and suffering of our domesticated companions is a value worth examining as a human species.

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