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March 2020

The separation of church and state has been a continuing divisive barrier between various populations in our State and our increasingly diverse communities.    It is crucial for our State House Representative to be aware of the apparent religious differences among those living in our neighborhoods.  It may be time to have a House Representative willing to accept the difficult challenge to build bridges, understand the differences between people, and be able to communicate respectfully the various concerns and shared beliefs to the Utah House of Representatives when making important policy decisions.



In talking to residents, there is a vocal minority living in our Legislative District who have harsh words for people who follow the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  They feel the Church has too much influence over Utah Government and dictate what businesses and people can and cannot do.  Too often residents and even politicians speak unkindly or disrespectfully of one another.



In representing our Legislative District I will:


  • use my skills as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to empathize (walk in the shoes of another) when holding conversations with other state legislators and community members. 

  • respect all those I work with and help, including avoiding the use of obscene and repugnant language.

  • remain truthful and when necessary assert myself using strong, but non-abrasive words and behaviors.

  • bring alternative prespectives to and help to make other legislators and people aware of different beliefs and feelings in a way that educates not belittles or talks down to them.

  • discover the good in people so that legislative business can conducted in a real, meaningful, and productive way.


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