People of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds is a topic that I have decided to include in policy issues to be discussed.  But I have also decided to address this issue in a different way than most minority candidates (I am Japanese American).  I have met with some of the small number of minority residents who live in our Legislative House District #13 who have different customs and religions, such as my grandparents must have presented when they came here to Utah.

My current thoughts as to how I would approach minority policy issues would be to focus my personal attention on individual minority resident concerns.  I would handle their specific problems through providing direct constituency service and helping such residents on a one to one basis and helping to empower them rather than as a legislator attempting to push through general pieces of major legislation on my own.  Many minorities facing problems cannot wait two or three years for the passage of laws to protect their interests, laws that might never get approved.  These individuals need help now and as a State House Representative it would be my responsibility to work with them individually to see that their problems are addressed as soon as possible in a manner that can best be handled under the circumstances that present themselves.

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