A New Concern

January 2020

Many candidates campaigning for office overlook one important belief of many voters.  Many of them who live in Northern Davis County do NOT feel the need for change.  They see the State has plenty of jobs, the economy "was" doing fine, the state budget is balanced.  In fact, life for 18% of those residents surveyed last year thought their personal life was "pretty good," the most agreed upon response of the 903 residents responding to my open-ended survey last year.




Too often political candidates trying to win attention of voters will just simply spew out the need for change, something new that may attract voters to a cause.  But unless our elected officials are serious about passing meaningful laws, actively keeps up with current events, goes out of their way to involve their constituents, then change for sake of change is more a waste of time and upsets a large portion of those that live here.  Instead, Utah needs state legislators who will focus on the real concerns of their constituency and carefully seek changes only when there is demonstrated need and then act with all due diligence.  State House Representatives are paid by the people and supposed to work for the people.




  • If elected, I will continue to actively seek out residents' concerns.

  • I will visit your home at least once every term while I am in Office to see how you and your family are doing. 

  • I will keep you informed and up-to-date by developing and providing a monthly email newsletter to residents.

  • I will spend full-time as a State Representative working on passing laws only if there is a significant call for change by the public or there is a compelling violation of a resident's personal rights and liberties or to preserve such rights and liberties. 

  • I will help you regardless of your political party; even if I oppose your beliefs, I will help to refer you to another state legislator who can better help you with your concerns.

  • I will make every effort to ensure that the laws I support have been studied, supported by the facts, and voters have had a reasonable opportunity to comment on them, 

  • I will leave Office after eight years so that I will not make politics a career and avoid depending on being in Office for my livelihood.  Instead I will spend the remaining time I have on earth to write my autobiography and spend more time with my wife.



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