My 2022 Health Care webpage is being added this month.  This picture inside McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden was taken on March 18, 2021.  Here I was having surgery for an enlarged prostate.  As I grow older at age 66, I am becoming even more aware of the vital importance of good mental and physical health.

Utah House District 13 needs a Representative who continues to be laser-focused on the real issues of our community.

Now in the fifth year dedicated as a candidate to representing you and our neighborhoods at our State Legislature and informing you and our own community about our issues and concerns, I have returned to about 8,000 homes so far this year with the results of my "second" Legislative District-wide resident survey of our 12,000+ homes in Utah House District 13, an update to my 2019 survey.  This month, I have uploaded my 2022 Health Care webpage and added to my 2022 Senior Citizens webpage.  Over the next several months, I will post the remaining individual webpages addressing the most pressing issues that residents of Utah House District 13 have told me are of the utmost concern to them.  This is REAL representation and how I will stand up for you.  

                                                        TAB L. UNO

Roe v. Wade Overturned

On June 24, 2022 the U.S. Supreme Court as expected overturned Roe v. Wade protecting a woman's right to an abortion.  Now the real work begins!  In preparation of the Court's decision, I posted last month vital talking points our Community needs to discuss in order for Utahns to accommodate and adapt to a PRO-LIFE SOCIETY here in Utah.  See my Health Care webpage.

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2021 Community Resident Survey Results












Limitations and Qualifications.   The statistical results shown above were compiled informally between July 2021 to February 2022 from a universal population of visiting every home (except those for sale) approximating over 12,000 residences in Utah House District 13 as defined by the Davis County Commission prior to the State Legislature's redistricting resolution that will change State Legislative District boundaries for 2023.  Eight hundred and fifty-four residents responded who offered 1,229 comments which excluded other responses because of the impossibility of accurately transcribing my shaky hand-written notes.  The responses not used amounted to about five percent of the total responses that occurred in a random fashion.  Visits between this candidate and residents occurred primarily during the day between Monday and Saturday, the population tended more towards females and senior citizens.  Thus there is the likelihood that the results shown above are likely representative of our community in general as the tendency of a liberal orientation of women is likely offset by the more conservative tendency of older residents.  The "Growth" category is a combined category of the inter-related issues that oftentimes were discussed together by many residents.  It includes sum totals from the transportation, environment, housing, and growth issue categories.  Some of the more prominent issues that are included in the Other category included:  Crime (30); Separation of Church and State (23); Urban Farms (12); Social Services, including Mental Health (12); Legalization of Marijuana (11); and Immigration (8).

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August 2020 Campaign Video


New July 2022


First it was my ignoring "No Soliciting" signs and where a woman in 2018 and I got into an intense email argument.  I repeatedly ask for her address so I could put her property on my DO NOT CALL BACK LIST but she refused.  Now, it is a mother who left a message on my phone on June 1, 2022 complaining because I rang her doorbell a number of times and left a long message on her smart doorbell.  She also complained that I parked my car all over with my lawn signs attached.   

Apparently according to this mother, she is mad at me and called me a "moron" for using her "ringer repeatedly" so I could leave an "incredibly long message" and waking up her kids because supposedly "whatever you needed to say and do was more important than what anyone else in the world was going on that day."  This mother went on to say that what I was doing was "rude."  "If we want to hear you, we would answer the door. "  This woman also said that I "should stop parking my car in all these places because quite frankly it is hard to see around your car with all your signs over it. You keep doing these dumb things that infuriate me."  She concluded that I am making people hate me because I have no consideration for anything or anyone.

I feel her 90-second message on my phone which is about the same length as my doorbell presentation deserves a response.  She invited me to call her and talk with her.  I did call the same day after I came home but nobody answered so I too had to leave a message as well as a text message about her giving me her address, if she wished, so I could put her home on my DO NOT CALL BACK LIST.  I have not heard back from her.

  1. These new fancy doorbells nowadays are becoming more fickle and wearing out electronically.  My practice to ringing or knocking on doors over the past three years has been to only ring or knock  TWO TIMES.  Only if the smart doorbell is acting strangely do I sometimes ring the bell twice and then wait and ring one more time.  I ring doorbells twice to leave my message and because sometimes it takes two rings to get people's attention and some do not hear the first ring.  I want residents to know I am not the delivery person and that there is a person waiting so not to waste their time coming to the door and nobody is there.  I want to be considerate to those people who take the time to answer their door.

  2. I leave a message when I can instead of standing around and looking stupid.  Two years ago a man showed me recorded on his phone and I was just standing moving around, looking pretty boringly out of it.  Since then, I decided to spend my time more productively and record a 90-second message that happens to be shorter than most ad breaks on television.  I do not have the luxury of being rich or having lucrative donors so I can spend thousands of dollars on mostly meaningless television ads.  And I leave a message when I can because most people are not home to answer their door.  Some form of individual contact with residents I believe is important so that they can briefly experience the person I am.

  3. My campaign message IS important not only to me but to every community member in House District 13.  It is part of the fundamental First Amendment Right of our U.S. Constitution that protects political speech.  Getting Americans involved in our political process and allowing them to become informed of their choices to select our elected representatives is among the most vital and essential parts of our uniquely American society.

  4. I would be a "moron" not to use and park my car.  Utah House legislative district #13 covers 90% of Clinton, 90% of West Point, north part of Clearfield and a small portion of Sunset.  To walk just to get to the neighborhood I am canvassing would be impossible.  My car is no more a danger than cars with dark shaded windows, big delivery trucks and construction and repair rigs, or semi-trucks that can be found parked in various places throughout our House District.  I would argue that some lawn signs that are placed perpendicular to the road are more dangerous to drivers who have to take their eyes off the road to read the signs than my signs on my car that are visible to drivers without them having to turn their heads.

  5. I have been considerate to residents.  Especially this year, I have become sensitive to the behavior of "busy" residents who answer their doors and cut my campaign speech short.  I do not walk on lawns because I feel that it is disrespectful.  I am careful when children answer the doors to only ask for their parents if their parents are not busy.  I do not ask if their parents are home.  I sometimes help carry delivery goods inside residents homes with their permission.  Last year, I helped this little girl coming home from school when she found herself locked out of her home.  I waited until I could confirm that her mother was on her way home.

Few people know what it is really like to be a candidate for public office and what we have to experience.  Campaigning can be an exhilarating experience but it can also be a devastatingly emotionally painful experience.  It can be hard, hard work.  Too many residents just do not seem to appreciate that.  Maybe this is one reason why it is so hard to get good people to run for office anymore.

Tab L. Uno


This doorbell did not ring on the first push so I rang it again and it rang out.  June 2, 2022.  Later another Skybell blinked orange as I pressed the doorbell.  Then it changed to yellow so I pressed the bell again.  No ring.  Then it changed to orange so I rang it again just in case while knocking on the door.  There are no candidate classes on this stuff.

IMG_20220602_122223477 (2).jpg

This Vivint doorbell did not ring when I pressed the doorbell so I tried again.  No response.  June 2, 2022.  It seems impossible to know if these bells are recording or if anybody is listening.  Three times in the past, I had residents call out thanking me as I left their porch.  There is no protocol as to how to handle these types of devices as a candidate.  I am making it up as I go along.


Some residents unfamiliar with our District may not realize the long distances that candidates walk just to get from one home to another.  Picture was taken January 14, 2021 along what I believe is 1800 North.  Use of a car is essential.


Sometimes consideration for candidates would be appreciated.  Dangerous, slippery conditions are not typically a candidate's experience.  January 11, 2021.

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Here is a simple way a resident can avoid problems in the future.  June 20, 2021.

My 2020 General Election Video