The Great Salt Lake Disappearing

One of our State's greatest natural treasures, the Great Salt Lake, is threatened by continued human development.  Now at its lowest surface level in recorded history in 2016, our $1.3 billion economic and recreational resource is being drained dry by continued suburban development that is taking away natural valuable farmland and recharging waters to the Great Salt Lake (Deseret News, May 5, 2018).  According to Maura Hahnenberger, an atmospheric scientist at Salt Lake Community College, dust storms from dry lake beds could easily become an additional pollution source to metropolitan areas such as the growing Wasatch Front which already appears to suffer from periodic can't see through air pollution.  Utah needs to begin protecting this precious natural resource by balancing the destruction of agricultural land and along with it our great lake with the growing need for human habitation.  Our Legislative House District #13 appears to occupy an important geographic position in the defense of our precious aqueous treasure.  As a State House Representative, I will fight for our neighbor, the largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere (Wikipedia).

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