As a former member of the Salt Lake City School Board, I consistently supported reasonable  decisions of our neighborhood local schools even if I didn't agree with them.  Under state law, local School Community Councils have legislative power to speak on behalf of their schools.  In order to improve our schools, teachers and parents need more choices in our public school system.  More details  coming October.



Quality health care is an essential human need.  It is something that every human being has a right to.  Lowering health care costs by expanding affordable health care to every resident and reducing the cost of prescription medication should be a priority of any state legislator.  More details coming October.


Air and water quality are essential for good health.  It is important that Utah continue to encourage alternative non-polluting, renewable sources of energy.  Continue to build on Governor Herbert's electric charging stations for vehicles.  Decorative low-water landscaping is a promising way to significantly save our precious water supplies.  More details coming October.
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