There is no question that Hill Air Force Base along with the other military services are a major economic and societal force in Utah House District #13.  The thunderous roar of F-35As  and F-16s overhead of our Legislative House District are a testament to our Country's unwavering strength and dedication to the safety and security of our Country.  In service to these fine men and women, the Salt Lake Veterans Affairs Administration Hospital is among the better rated VA hospitals in the Country according to the VA as well as a local West Point resident and IT contractor who has worked on the VA national network system and a disabled veteran who is a Sunset resident.   Apparently, unlike other many VA hospitals, the professionalism and knowledgeable operations at our local VA Hospital deserves to be supported and maintained.  Unlike federal efforts to bring changes to the VA Hospital system, it is important that our State political leaders stand tall in making sure that our own VA Hospital continues to thrive in its current reform efforts and resist unnecessary reforms being sought throughout the entire VA system.  Instead consideration needs to be redirected towards perhaps increasing the benefits for volunteer University of Utah medical specialists who provide valuable support services to veterans attached to the Salt Lake Veterans Administration Hospital located just across the street from the University.   Retaining the quality doctors it already has maybe one of the VA Hospital's top imperatives to consider.

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