Physical rehabilitation at the Layton IHC Clinic.  January 2021.


McKay Dee Hospital in preparation for my prostate surgery.  May 2021


July 2021

 I was one of the few, if only, Davis Democratic candidates to actually improve from 2018, increasing by one percent my performance while most other candidates lost votes.  I received the most percentage of votes of any Davis County Democratic candidate in 2020 with 37%.  While on average President Trump increased his voting turn out by 4.5% in the Clearfield/Ogden area, I still was able to narrow my loss to the incumbent from two years ago.  More voters are seeking change than ever before.

After much reflection and a turbulent beginning to this year, I have decided to undertake the arduous and difficult attempt for the third time to seek your support to represent you at our Utah State Legislature.  This decision was not taken lightly.  In my effort to renew my campaign in January, I suffered an injury to my connective elastic tissure of my left leg that left me physically impaired and unable to continuously drop campaign literature.  In May of this year, I underwent elective surgery to address an enlarged prostate.  

                                                                                                                                      TAB L. UNO


A State Representative is supposed to "represent" you.  I am returning to visit your home for the seventh time since 2018.  I am going door-to-door to visit the over 12,000-plus homes in our District (even if it is gerrymandered next year).  I am committed to seeking out your opinions, your voices, your concerns so when and if you elect me I can truly represent you at our state legislature.

I hope to be able to meet with all of you in person, but if miss you, please take the time, if you desire, to contact me either by phone (801-458-6743), email (, or send me a text so that I can really represent you at our Utah House of Representatives in 2023.  I will be back again in 2022 going door-to-door to provide you with "our" Community's agenda for needed change.


Together, we can do this.

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August 2020 Campaign Video