11,000 Homes and Counting


  • So close, yet so far away.   As of the first part of November, I have visited over 11,000 homes, almost the entire Legislative District of our community since January 2nd of this year.  With about less than 500 homes to go before I am completely finished, I am staying home with an emerging respiratory condition after pressing myself so hard to get finished.

  • So far as I've reported before, residents have told me that:

    • Our state and its legislature are fine just as they are.

    • Our state and its legislature ignore the will of the people and just do what they want.

    • Our state legislators are mostly in office for themselves.

    • The Church influence over state policy is a concern to some.

    • Education and the environment are concerns to many.

  • Look for my Community Action Agenda coming out in the first quarter of next year that will reveal what the public wants to see from their local representative, based on a sample size that rivals any reputable national polls.

  • I am committed to be the authentic voice of our community; and I am working very hard to prove to you that I can and will be. 


My 2018 campaign lawn signs located in Sunset, a city that I've come to really appreciate for their hospitality.

2018 was a big moment in our Nation's history.  And for personal reasons, a special thanks to those who voted for me.   Since the November election people have encouraged me to continue my fight for change and to represent our community.  As a result, I working to address public safety issues in our Legislative District, including 1000 West in Clearfield and preparing myself to be able to address the concerns of all working Americans and those striving to be productive citizens of Northern Davis County.  I retired last December 17, so I can put in a full-time effort into making a better difference in our community as your full-time state legislator.  I promise to bring next year a commitment as a candidate with:


  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Wisdom

Our vanishing urban farmland is quickly being sold for housing development bringing with it more congestion and more demand on our streets, governmental and commercial services.  Is our future vision of our Community to be barren of any remaining pristine farms and open spaces?

Farmland in Clinton.  

Looking for lawn sign locations, those residents willing to be Davis County Democratic caucus members, campaign volunteers

and your concerns that need to be heard on Capitol Hill.




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