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My thoughts are with you and your loved ones during this grave period of uncertainty and mourning as this terrible COVID-19 Pandemic continues to sweep across our nation.  We all have struggled to adjust to new fears and anxieties.  Many of us have suffered but we are also survivors.  I am proud of how most of us in our communities here in Davis County have taken the necessary precautions to protect yourselves and others in our neighborhoods.  I thank you for your strength, soundness of mind, and your faith in continuing to contain these protracted and incredibly gnarly infectious agents to the extent we have.  Even though we have been touched with death, through our efforts we have also literally saved hundreds of lives for which we can be truly grateful.  

I regret that won't be able to meet with you in person for the foreseeable future in order to protect you and myself from spreading this vicious, invisible enemy.   Even so, I will continue to provide you with important written information about myself and our communities' resident concerns throughout this Spring, summer, and into the fall.  Together, we can preserve our precious tradition of a democratic election to choose our next governmental leaders in an informed manner, those who will have the responsibility to serve you and our general welfare.

Tab Lyn Uno

Nine hundred and three Northern Davis residents spoke out last year.  Having walked our Legislative District consisting of nearly 12,000 homes twice beginning back in March of 2018, I have met you or your close neighbors and shared our stories and emotions.  "I care about people."  If elected, I am dedicating myself full-time to carrying out their call for their Utah House Representative to address these concerns:

These top concerns were raised by residents living in Clinton, West Point, Sunset, Clearfield last year when I visited their homes.  Nine hundred and three people responded to my question about how they felt about our state government and state legislature.  Concern categories were developed based on each of the 1203 responses provided by the 903 residents and compiled onto a Microsoft Access database.  The above concerns represent the top concerns by the highest percent of residents expressing similar concerns.

You deserve someone who cares to listen to you and stand up for what you believe regardless of political party or background.

I've been told that our neighborhoods are being overwhelmed by overdevelopment outpacing our roads and water and sewer systems.  We need a House Representative who will fight for better street improvements, preserve our farms and open spaces that many of us moved here to grow next to only to see it pushed out by more homes.





The most astonishing and humbling discovery from my survey of actual residents in District #13 was to find out that only four of my twelve issues/concerns that I had thought were important during my 2018 Utah House campaign made it to the final top concerns of 2020.  By taking the time all last year and going to the people "listening" to them, I found eight more issues/concerns that were more important and actually on the minds of residents.  These top twelve concerns of our community will be the focus of my attention as an elected Representative and not the concerns of what I believed them to be or what special interest groups or lobbyists want them to be.


I also discovered that many residents don't want change and feel personally good about their own lives and that of their family.  Too many politicians seem to want to look good and sponsor dramatic laws attractive to the public or laws that seem to benefit themselves.  Instead I will commit to focus my attention on the real issues and concerns that my constituents want and need, that are based on reasonable evidence, and received public comments and debate to the extent that time and resources that are available to me.

Looking for lawn sign locations, those residents willing to be Davis County Democratic caucus members, and "eight" campaign volunteers.



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