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June 1, 2020

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June 1, 2020

We are facing the greatest crisis and major consequential decisions of our generation.  Three months into the COVID-19 Pandemic, we face a major crossroads towards either recovery or descent into more peril.  As we attempt to rapidly reopen our communities and businesses against a growing consensus of medical opinion we can only hope our political leaders have made the right choice.  In the coming months, a definitive answer will begin to arise. 


With the increase of passionate emotions and even violence, it is time to find a peaceful path to solve the simmering political issues that have been left behind unresolved.  It is time for "new" leadership possessing compassion that listens to the unaddressed concerns of our communities to find solutions.  We do not need to stand by helpless in anger and frustration nor pursue destructive acts that only further adds fuel to a potentially deadly fire.   Davis county residents have suffered enough.  We can instead stand firm with resilience to successfully confront the many changes in our environment.  With our strength, soundness of mind, and our faith in ourselves, God, community, and trust in our local and a "new" state government, we can make it through this ordeal alive and reach for our dreams.









In the meantime, I will continue to finish up personally delivering to every home in House District 13 my "Community Action Agenda" and words of hope unless the risk to you and I becomes too great.   I will hopefully then follow up in the fall with a more detailed outline of how we can together Take Back Our Government.  Together, we can make informed decisions and preserve our precious tradition of a democratic election and choose our next governmental leaders who will have the responsibility to serve you and our general welfare.

  Be safe and take very good care.

                                                                                                      TAB L. UNO

Nine hundred and three Northern Davis residents spoke out last year.  Having walked our Legislative District consisting of nearly 12,000 homes twice beginning back in March of 2018, I have met you or your close neighbors and shared our stories and emotions.  "I care about people."  If elected, I am dedicating myself full-time to carrying out their call for their Utah House Representative to address these concerns:

These top concerns were raised by residents living in Clinton, West Point, Sunset, Clearfield last year when I visited their homes.  Nine hundred and three people responded to my question about how they felt about our state government and state legislature.  Concern categories were developed based on each of the 1203 responses provided by the 903 residents and compiled onto a Microsoft Access database.  The above concerns represent the top concerns by the highest percent of residents expressing similar concerns.  With CO-VID 19 having rampaged through our nation, health care is more essential than ever and its prominent promotion to the "leading" concern of Americans ever more apparent. 

You deserve someone who cares to listen to you and stand up for what you believe regardless of political party or background.

  • I bring 18 years of compassionate clinical social work practice helping people.

  • I bring of 20 years professional experience of working for local governments and community service organizations helping communities.  

One of the friends I met on the campaign trail last year talking to nearly 3,000 people

Be on the look out for my eight-page campaign brochure this fall.



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