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                                          July 1, 2020

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July 1, 2020

Thank you cashier for selling me my household goods at the cash register.  Thank you the postal service and delivery people for bringing me my mail and hard to find bar soap.  Thank you retail pizza maker for saving time and effort for my wife who cooks better than me.  Thank you first responders and medical personnel who are helping to slow the spread of this coronavirus and making my life and our community's lives safer.   As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I can play an important role in helping to shape state policy to directly address the emotional and physical violence that Utah has experienced this past month.  "Mitigating the pandemic — social work was built for this," The Hill (June 6, 2020).  My background in helping individuals to help themselves and improve their social conditions can contribute towards the healing of our community and bring us together in harmony for our well-being now and into the future.  

It's beginning to appear that we and our community remain at greater risk as our communities attempt to reopen.  The "recovery" from the greatest crisis of our generation four months into the COVID-19 Pandemic  now seems to be in doubt.  "Coronavirus cases spike in Utah, with Friday’s increase the biggest yet," The Salt Lake Tribune (June 20, 2020).  Still more of our neighbors are getting sick and likely remain at risk of dying.  Our hospitals may become overwhelmed placing every resident with any type of medical emergency at risk, including traffic accidents or even a serious fall.  We may have to summon up the resiliency of our forefathers from the Great Depression of the 1930s and World War II who had to ration their basic goods and go without some of the most cherished of items such as meat and rubber and copper, and silver products.  Anybody remember "steel" pennies?  In the 70s, we had the price and wage controls with lines of cars waiting to get gas at their local stations.

Having fractured a left rib trying to reattach a shingle to our home during the wind storm earlier last month and a week later my first dog bite since 2004, I will nevertheless finish up my personal delivery of  my "Community Action Agenda" to every home in House District 13 this month.   I then plan to follow up in the coming months with a more detailed outline of how we together can Take Back Our Government.  Together, we can make informed decisions and preserve our precious tradition of a democratic election and choose our next governmental leaders who will have the responsibility to serve you and our general welfare.

Be safe and take very good care.

                                                                                                      TAB L. UNO

My 2018 Campaign Video

Since this video was completed, I have gone onto visiting your home and your neighbors two more times.  Government reform, taxes, transportation, housing, and infrastructure are newly identified  concerns raised by residents like yourselves.

Nine hundred and three North Davis residents spoke out last year.  Getting closer to having walked our Legislative District of nearly 12,000 homes five times since March of 2018, I have met you or your close neighbors and shared our stories, emotions, and concerns.  "I care about people."  If elected, I am dedicating myself FULL-TIME as your Utah House Representative to address your concerns that you identified* :

*These top concerns were raised by residents living in Clinton, West Point, Sunset, Clearfield last year when I visited their homes.  Nine hundred and three people responded to my question about how they felt about our state government and state legislature.  Concern categories were developed based on each of the 1203 responses provided by the 903 residents and compiled onto a Microsoft Access database.  The above concerns represent the top concerns by the highest percent of residents expressing similar concerns.  With CO-VID 19 having rampaged through our nation, health care is more essential than ever and its prominent promotion to the "leading" concern of Americans ever more apparent. 

You deserve someone who cares to listen to you and stand up for what you believe regardless of political party or background.

  • I bring 18 years of compassionate clinical social work practice helping people.

  • I bring 20 years professional experience of working for local governments and community service organizations helping communities.  

My 2018 Civility Video

During these anxious times, we need more than ever to retain our sense of humanity for ourselves and othersWe need more healers.  



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