The past six months have been hard with the hot summer and now the cold winter.


December 2021

 My Five-year Utah House campaign is continuing apace.   Since 2018, I have been planning and implementing my long-term strategy to bring back real representation to our Utah Legislature by winning office in 2022.  Within the next month, I will have visited all our more than 12,000 homes in the "old" Utah House District eight times!   I will be returning to your home later this spring and summer to let you know what our residents are wanting from their State Representative - this is real representation.   

I am committed to changing our government to become more representative by staying in touch with you.  I commit to visiting you and your home once each term that I am in Office.  I am committed to allowing fresh ideas and new people to represent you and to end my tenure as your Representative by limiting my term in office to eight years.                           TAB L. UNO



If you really want better government, somebody who has demonstrated the willingness and commitment to do right by you,  it is time for you to "consider" making your own commitment to better government.

  • Request a UNO lawn sign for your property to show your support.

  • Make a individual donation (a limit of $100 in non-corporate funds)

  • Help volunteer to get our message out to your neighbors and Utah House District 13.


I hope to be able to meet with all of you in person, but if miss you, please take the time, if you desire, to contact me either by phone (801-458-6743), email (, or send me a text so that I can really represent you at our Utah House of Representatives in 2023.  I hope to see you in person in 2022. 


Together, we can bring better government to our State Capitol on behalf of our community.  


Together, we can do this.

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August 2020 Campaign Video