February 1, 2019: 

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Nine hundred and three Northern Davis residents spoke out last year and told me what they want from their Utah House State Representative.  If elected, I am dedicating myself full-time to carrying out their demands for a better focus. 


Having walked our Legislative District consisting of over 11,500 homes twice beginning back in March of 2018, I have met you or your close neighbors and shared our emotions and stories in order to be able to truly and substantively represent our Community at our Utah House of Representatives.

You deserve someone who will take the time to listen to you and stand up for what you believe regardless of political party or background.

I've been told that our neighborhoods are being overwhelmed by overdevelopment outpacing our roads and water and sewer systems.  We need a House Representative who will fight for better street improvements, preserve our farms and open spaces that many of us moved here to grow next to only to see it pushed out by more homes.

Be on the lookout this spring and summer for my Community Action Agenda which will reveal the real concerns of our community.  In the meantime, I will be rebuilding this website to reflect our community's problems, issues, and solutions.


Looking for lawn sign locations, those residents willing to be Davis County Democratic caucus members, campaign volunteers

and your concerns that need to be heard on Capitol Hill.




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