Tab Lyn Uno December 17, 2021 standing in 34 degree weather the day before Republicans selected a replacement for Rep. Paul Ray who stepped down.  At this point, I was about halfway through with my legislative survey learning about our community concerns from you and your neighbors.

Now in the fifth year dedicated as a candidate to representing you and our neighborhoods at our State Legislature and informing you and our own community about our issues and concerns, I have returned to about 9,000 homes so far this year with the results of my "second" Legislative District-wide resident survey of our 12,000+ homes in Utah House District 13, an update to my 2019 survey.  This month, I have uploaded my 2022 GOVERNMENT REFORM and my 2022 STATUS QUO webpages as well as added more descriptive details about my WORK AND COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE on my individual webpage.  Next month, I will post the final individual webpages addressing the most pressing GROWTH issues that residents of Utah House District 13 have told me are of the utmost concern to them.  I will also be posting my new 2022 Campaign Video.  This is REAL representation and how I will stand up for you.                                                   


2021 Community Resident Survey Results












Limitations and Qualifications.   The statistical results shown above were compiled informally between July 2021 to February 2022 from a universal population of visiting every home (except those for sale) approximating over 12,000 residences in Utah House District 13 as defined by the Davis County Commission prior to the State Legislature's redistricting resolution that will change State Legislative District boundaries for 2023.  Eight hundred and fifty-four residents responded who offered 1,229 comments which excluded other responses because of the impossibility of accurately transcribing my shaky hand-written notes.  The responses not used amounted to about five percent of the total responses that occurred in a random fashion.  Visits between this candidate and residents occurred primarily during the day between Monday and Saturday, the population tended more towards females and senior citizens.  Thus there is the likelihood that the results shown above are likely representative of our community in general as the tendency of a liberal orientation of women is likely offset by the more conservative tendency of older residents.  The "Growth" category is a combined category of the inter-related issues that oftentimes were discussed together by many residents.  It includes sum totals from the transportation, environment, housing, and growth issue categories.  Some of the more prominent issues that are included in the Other category included:  Crime (30); Separation of Church and State (23); Urban Farms (12); Social Services, including Mental Health (12); Legalization of Marijuana (11); and Immigration (8).

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