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Taking Back Our Government

Honk & Wave Event on October 30, 2020 at 2000 West and 1800 North, Clinton in the Background


Unofficial November 3, 2020

Davis County Election Results: 


Paul Ray         61.74% (8,544 votes)

Tab Lyn Uno  38.26% (5.295 votes) 


Thanks to everyone who helped support my campaign.  I have a huge decision to make regarding 2022.  Your advice would be appreciated.  It seems like an unrealistic task though. 

It appears of ALL the Democratic candidates running for public office, including for President and Governor, receiving votes from Davis County, I received the highest percent of votes.  Thus I may be able to call myself the #1 Davis County Democrat as least based on one numerical standard.

Behind the Utah State Capitol.  July 13, 2020.  Dedicated to working hard behind the scenes with you to get the "real" job of passing good laws on your behalf.  It's not about making headlines or making myself look good on the front of the Capitol steps.

New.  October 13, 2020 Getting Real Results You Can Actually See.  Clearfield City repainted the left-hand turn lane to improve line of sight and safety for on-coming traffic on 1000 West and 200 North, Clearfield.  One of the recommendations from my 1000 West Traffic Safety Study completed last year.  


November 2020

Hope and Promise.  In a few weeks, we may discover the likely future of America.   There is still time to vote if you haven't already taken advantage of this precious opportunity of American freedom.  Unfortunately, continued vigilance appears more essential than ever before as a few countries are facing a terrible second wave of Coronavirus infection after impatiently reopening their economies too fast.  "These countries crushed covid-19 — but are now reporting higher infection rates than the U.S.,"  The Washington Post (September 18, 2020).  Yet through science there is great opportunity for hope and rebuilding trust, especially towards reopening our schools and ensuring the safety of our children and the public.  " Schoolchildren Seem Unlikely to Fuel Coronavirus Surges, Scientists Say," The New York Times (October 22, 2020).   It's time to elect dependable and reliable leadership to guide our Country and our state through these perilous times.   We need government officials who we can depend on to help maintain the most basic of services, believes in the preciousness of life, and invest in the future for the benefit of the public and our children. 


I will bring both integrity and compassion back to state government using my decade-long professional skills as a state licensed clinical social worker and decades of actual community service.   We together can "Take Back Our Government."  Vote with both your heart and informed reason so we can together stand up for your rights and address your concerns and needs at our State Legislature beginning next year.  You deserve the best.

"Letter: America must include all of us, so vote," Deseret News (September 8, 2020) by Tab Lyn Uno.

Be safe and take very good care.

                                                                                                                                      TAB L. UNO


Nine hundred and three Northern Davis residents spoke out last year.  Having walked our Legislative District consisting of nearly 12,000 homes five times since March of 2018, I have met you or your close neighbors and shared our stories and emotions.  "I care about people."  If elected, I am dedicating myself FULL-TIME to being your Utah House Representative to address your concerns:

These top concerns were raised by residents living in Clinton, West Point, Sunset, Clearfield last year when I visited their homes.  Nine hundred and three people responded to my question about how they felt about our state government and state legislature.  Concern categories were developed based on each of the 1203 responses provided by the 903 residents and compiled onto a Microsoft Access database.  The above concerns represent the top concerns by the highest percent of residents expressing similar concerns.  With CO-VID 19 having rampaged through our nation, health care is more essential than ever and its prominent promotion to the "leading" concern of Americans ever more apparent. 

Dedicated To Be Your

Hardest Working

State Representative

The Hardest Working Candidate


NOTICE:  I apparently upset a woman mid-February of this year who travels a lot and is away from her home much of the time.  I ignored her "No Soliciting" sign and placed one of my flyers on her door.  Subsequently, through various emails she and I came to blows regarding my attempts to avoid placing any more of my flyers at her home in the future.  She refused to provide me with her address so I could put her home on my DO NOT CALL BACK list and now I have no way of knowing what home to avoid.  From my perspective, I have attempted in good faith to offer several compromises to resolve her concern about the security of her home, but to no avail.  Now she purports that I am harassing her even though I have just responded to her each time she sends emails to me.  In her last email to me she indirectly threatened me writing that she was going to get people to vote against me.  She no doubt will have her side of this story to this unfortunate incident which I respect.  I hope that voters will consider both sides of this situation while I continue my efforts on a limited budget and trying to get information out to voters so they can make an informed decision as to who they want as their state representative.  I hope your decision to vote for your state representative will take into account just what it takes in totality to be a good representative.  The precarious balance between private property rights and political free speech is a delicate one and sometimes hurtful one.  This experience is just one of those many situations in which candidates for political office must negotiate on a day to day basis and do the best one can without trying to intentionally insult or greviously annoy  anyone while hoping to inspire and educate the rest.  

Later in March in Clearfield City, I was also yelled at by a woman who shouted across the street saying "We know who we're voting for, no soliciting!!!" while pointing to a large sign after I had gone back to place a small slip of a prepared Thank You Notice" for a lawn sign with the name of an adult who I apparently talked to last year giving me permission to do so.  Most recently, in late July and early August, I received two emails complaining that I had ignored the "no soliciting" signs for the second time against Clinton City ordinance.

On February 17, 2020, I talked to the female resident whose "no soliciting" sign (above) was visible by her entry door.  I asked her about it and she said that she was really just concerned about sales calls.  She did not in the least have a problem with me coming to her door and talking about my Utah House campaign.  She readily accepted one of my flyers.  I estimate that only one percent of those residents who I talked to and who had a "no soliciting" sign had a real problem with me coming to their door.  So when it comes to whether or not to provide what I consider important information to voters, I have erred on the side of people who want more information in order to be informed voters.

The woman who answered the door at this home with this sign told me when I asked about the sign, that she was "glad to see me" that I had come around again.  February 29, 2020, Clearfield, Utah.

The man who answered the door to this house gave me permission to photograph this sign he had put up.  He told me that there had a been a rash of "pushy" door-to- door salespersons come to his door.  He was though quite willing to talk with me and accepting one of my campaign flyers.  March 14, 2020.



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