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*All campaign videos and campaign flyers, brochures have been created, designed, and produced by Tab L. Uno without outside help.  You are getting my own straight story from me, not paid consultants.

Behind the Utah State Capitol.  July 13, 2020.  Dedicated to working hard behind the scenes with you to get the "real" job of passing good laws on your behalf.  It's not about making headlines or making myself look good on the front of the Capitol steps.


October 1, 2020

My wife and I have been back into our home for about a month and a half since the fire adjacent to our home flared up on July 4th.  My memory of this trauma remains sketchy and unfortunately all the wonderful neighbors who came out to save our home have gone without any of our personal acknowledgments.  Nevertheless, those great people remain a blur and we haven't been able to identify most of them to thank them personally.

The ready willingness of these neighbors, some who happened to be complete strangers, came out unbidden in the darkness of night to spray water with hoses and throw buckets of water onto the fire started by fireworks demonstrates the fierce dedication and wonderful safety and security of community.  My personal thanks to all those nameless people.

In this time of uncertainty and lingering danger, community is more important than ever before.  If elected to be your state representative, I promise to maintain the sense of community and togetherness and bring them to our state government.  I will bring my professional integrity and compassion back to our state legislature along with my decades of actual accomplishments and dedicated public service.  I will continue to strive to ensure that my health care decisions are based on the best scientific evidence available and not nice sounding, convenient "solutions. "Deep cleans and disinfecting mists might not keep us from getting the virus, but they sure make us feel better," The Washington Post (September 7, 2020).  


In the next week, I will have finished up personally delivering to every home in House District 13 my eight-page brochure that offers a more detailed outline of how together we can "Take Back Our Government."  I urge you to vote with both your heart and informed reason so we can stand together for your rights and address your concerns and needs at our State Legislature beginning next year.  You deserve the best.

"Letter: America must include all of us, so vote," Deseret News (September 8, 2020) by Tab Lyn Uno.

Be safe and take very good care.

                                                                                                                                      TAB L. UNO


Nine hundred and three Northern Davis residents spoke out last year.  Having walked our Legislative District consisting of nearly 12,000 homes five times since March of 2018, I have met you or your close neighbors and shared our stories and emotions.  "I care about people."  If elected, I am dedicating myself FULL-TIME to being your Utah House Representative to address your concerns:

These top concerns were raised by residents living in Clinton, West Point, Sunset, Clearfield last year when I visited their homes.  Nine hundred and three people responded to my question about how they felt about our state government and state legislature.  Concern categories were developed based on each of the 1203 responses provided by the 903 residents and compiled onto a Microsoft Access database.  The above concerns represent the top concerns by the highest percent of residents expressing similar concerns.  With CO-VID 19 having rampaged through our nation, health care is more essential than ever and its prominent promotion to the "leading" concern of Americans ever more apparent. 

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