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  • ONE - Met U.S. Congressional Candidate in person while out campaigning.

  • ONE - Met City Council candidate who lost (she offered to sell me two scooters, but declined).

  • ONE - Met world's largest puppy (when it was born).

  • ONE - Broke (maybe) Sprinkler Head.

  • ONE - Met model maker for the movie industry.

  • ONE - Set of car keys left on porch ledge, June 2022).

  • ONE - Popsicle (offered and accepted Root Beer).

  • ONE - Blown kiss good-bye (by a small girl).

  • ONE - State Representative District 13 that I am challenging in her home (January 2022).

  • ONE - Met most recent former State Representative mowing his lawn (June 2022).

  • ONE - Jumped accidentally backward off 3-foot porch to make way for visitor walking up stairs (July 2022).

  • TWO - Met one City Mayor (once before becoming Mayor and once after becoming mayor.

  • TWO - Met two City Council members (both in one month).

  • TWO - Beer offers (both graciously declined).

  • TWO - Rabbits.

  • TWO - Broke (stepped on) Small Christmas light bulbs left on porch).

  • TWO - Dog bites (one per lower arm).

  • TWO - Snakes.

  • TWO - Pagan or Wiccan Households.

  • TWO - Piano Restorers.

  • TWO - Jehovah Witness Homes in Single Day.

  • TWO - Full-sized school buses being converted into recreational vehicles.

  • TWO - Bats (hanging from roof porch).

  • THREE - Door knockers fallen off into the bushes or garden at one home.

  • THREE - Llamas.

  • THREE - Deliquent utility notices that had fallen off and put back onto door against my rolled up campaign flyer or handed to resident.

  • THREE - Sneezes during campaign presentation into Smart doorbell.

  • THREE - [Not fun fact].  Residents passed away and where I had lawn signs on their property.

  • FOUR - Commercial soda vending machines on residential porches.

  • FOUR - House Keys in Front Door Locks or Hanging on Doorknob.

  • FOUR - Offers of water in one small extended cul de sac.
  • FOUR - Homes.  The smallest number of homes on a block in District 13.

  • FIVE - Bottles of Sun Screen.

  • SIX - Pizza boxes laying scattered on a porch

  • EIGHT - Pairs of Sketcher Shoes (worn since March 2018).

  • EIGHT - Consecutive homes having dogs either outside or inside the house.

  • TEN AND A HALF - Miles per Gallon putting up lawn signs (really bad).

  • SIXTEEN - Most continuous steps from sidewalk to porch.

  • EIGHTEEN - Degrees Fahrenheit, coldest weather out campaigning for four hours.

  • EIGHTEEN POINT NINE - Miles per Gallon of gas used by Subaru Impreza while driving around placing my lawn signs at 250 residences (2020 election) down from my normal 31 miles per gallon.

  • TWENTY - Dollars (largest amount of money found lying on ground).

  • THIRTY - Birdhouses on one property.

  • THIRTY - Minutes talking to a resident, the longest amount of time spent talking with an individual on the campaign trail.

  • FIFTY - Degrees the best temperature go to out campaigning.

  • NINETY-FOUR - A dog In dog years and a human in human years

  • ONE HUNDRED - Degrees Fahrenheit, hottest weather out campaigning. 

  • COUNTLESS - Dogs and Cats.

  • THREE HUNDRED+ - Lawn sign locations (2022).

  • THREE THOUSAND (rough estimate) - Miles walked.

  • NINETY-SIX THOUSAND - The number of homes visited the past 30 months (12,000 homes in House District 13 eight times).



There are many wonderful homes, yards, and displays in our own local neighborhoods.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to experience the amazing natural beauty and the hard work that many residents have dedicated to making our community our own.

If you like, experience more of our wondeful community check out  the "OUR NEIGHBORHOODS" Webpage.


Over four years of on the Campaign Trail has put me through a challenge course of dog bites, nasty weather, and at the same time unusual and fun experience.  Come along and join with me a brief excursion over the past four and half years on my Campaign Trail webpage.

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