Pristine farmland in West Point that is fortunately not being considered for Legacy extension.

The proposed northern extension of the Legacy Parkway (West Davis Corridor) from Farmington through to West Point and possibly beyond will have a great environmental impact on the city of West Point.   This extension is supposed to greatly relieve projected traffic congestion and increase commuter access for West Point residents to employer destinations further south.

If elected, I am committed to making sure that the wishes of West Point residents are heard if the project moves forward and that all their concerns about adverse impacts are addressed, including the possible destruction of a pond used by migratory birds instead of moving the road that would purportedly destroy protected cattail plants that are not used by the birds.  I undertook my own preliminary investigation to discover the science supporting this decision.*  In addition, I will hold  special public townhall meetings and undertake impartial polls (at my own expense where economically feasible, the cost of polling has apparently doubled since 2004 to approximately $6,000) to discover what West Point residents really want to do about this important transportation proposal.  As your representative I will stand with you on this major undertaking.


West Point pond threatened with destruction.

*During the month of June 2018, I undertook my own investigation into the pond matter.  After talking with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), I obtained and began reviewing the Environmental Impact Statement for the West Davis Corridor online which referenced Nature Conservancy as one of the consulting agencies.  I was referred by Nature Conservancy to the U.S. Corp. of Engineer's Bountiful Office and  Matt Wilson who is now in the process of undertaking a 404 Permit mitigation review of the West Davis Corridor.  According to the U.S. Corp. of Engineers a 404 Permitting review for the north end of the West Davis Corridor has not yet been requested and may not occur for years to come, most certainly not until after the November 2018 general elections.  The Corps is also of the opinion that a more westerly alignment of the West Point segment of the West Davis Corridor would have less impact on native wetlands and migratory animals and avoid having to eliminate the apparently man-made West Point pond.  If elected to office, as House Representative I would continue to seek further clarification from UDOT as to why their current West Davis Corridor alignment must necessarily destroy the pond even though the U.S. Corp. of Engineers appears to favor another alternative.

This photograph of birds nesting here on and by the pond being considered for destruction by UDOT to make way for the Legacy extension.  Photo taken by candidate on October 4, 2018.

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