A New Concern

February 2020

Improving Our Roads

Terrible congestion along 2000 West

Transportation, just getting around our neighborhoods, driving to the store or bank and going to work has become more and more difficult, frustrating, time-consuming and dangerous.  A lot needs to be done and a lot is already in the works but few people really know what or when.  As a state legislator, I will have direct access to the people who have the answers and potential solutions.


Our Legislative District needs a House Representative who has and will continue walking along these congested and dangerous roads until they are improved.

Clinton, West Point, and Sunset residents continue to suffer, many choosing to drive through side streets and into  neighborhoods to avoid narrow sections of 2000 West or having to just wait idling for trains to cross 1800 North.

A number of our local roads are losing their base, creating terrible road conditions.


Line of traffic along 1800 North

School children crossing 1800 North in Sunset

Deteriorated road on 800 North in Clinton, 2019

If elected, as your State Representative I will work closely with local governments, Davis County, and each individual resident directly impacted by proposed state transportation projects.  Now that our Utah Legislative leadership, House Speaker Brad Wilson from Kaysville and Senate President Stuart Adams from Layton are both Davis County legislators, our County wields more power to influence transportation decisions now than in past decades.  We have an opportunity to obtain better transportation services for Northern Davis communities than ever before if we work together and combine forces working with our powerful state legislators.

The Legacy Corridor Extension

The proposed northern extension of the Legacy Parkway (West Davis Corridor) from Farmington through to West Point and possibly beyond will have a great environmental impact on the city of West Point.   This extension is supposed to greatly relieve projected traffic congestion and increase commuter access for West Point and Clinton residents to employer destinations further south.


If elected, I am committed to making sure that the wishes of West Point residents are heard as the project moves forward and that all their concerns about adverse impacts are addressed, even as it appears that it will destroy Larapin pond, a three acre, 35 year old man-made body of water used by migratory birds.  Before any permanent construction occurs, I commit to:

  • hold special public townhall meetings

  • undertake impartial polls to explore what West Point residents really want to do about this important transportation proposal.

  • place a legislative ban on billboards, limit maximum speeds, and restrict large truck traffic.

  • strongly encourage the work schedule of the West Corridor Extension to start first on the actual construction of those lanes of traffic that will have the least impact on the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • require the formation of a Legacy Corridor oversight board composed of local government officials, residents, and Utah Department of Transportation to make the only authorized major changes, if any, after the extension is built so that no after broken  promises like occurred on the Southern portion can occur again on the Legacy Corridor.


As your representative I will stand with you on ensuring that our transportation network in our Communities are more efficient and safer.  I will join with you on the frontlines and battle excessive traffic construction intrusion and its negative impacts on our community and our way of life.

Property adjacent to proposed Legacy Cooridor extension.  The white shed will be demolished.

This new emergency vehcle had about 5,000 miles when photographed in 2019.  The state needs to do more to reduce the need for putting more miles on it.


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