The Most Qualified and Experienced Candidate for Utah House 13

Bobbie (right) has worked as a resource class volunteer for five years at Holt Elementary School and for one year at West Point Elementary School.  Previously she oversaw the scheduling of residential advisers at the Clearfield Job Corp Center.

I am a Davis County Democrat (except for one year experimenting with being a Libertarian in my twenties) following in the proud footsteps of my 91-year old father who was born in Ogden and later moved to Salt Lake City where I was born.   I was born in 1955 (a year before Burger Bar in Roy opened) at the old St. Mark's Hospital across from the old Wasatch Springs Plunge on 300 West (I would later become the first volunteer at the opening of the Children's Museum of Utah which would use the same building as Wasatch Springs until they moved to the Gateway Mall) .  Utah has been my home all my life, except for a brief time spent at New College in Sarasota, Florida.  I later completed my formal education at the University of Utah, a couple miles from where I grew up.  I finally came here to live in Clearfield City twenty-two years ago when I married my wife Bobbie.  

We have now been together for 23 years and been quite busy during the last five years replacing our roof (picture right), installing a new air conditioner and furnace, fixing a broken sprinkler connection, repairing our washing machine, backflow regulator, waste disposal, garage door opener and replacing our oven that broke the day before our waste disposal went out. 

Two years ago during my 2020 Utah House campaign, we contended with:


  • replacing our out of code 36 year-old "vinyl" venting for our dryer

  • cracking a rib after I had a ladder fall under me during a windstorm trying to reattached a loose shingle

  • dog bite while campaigning

  • chip on my credit card not working

  • smartphone dying

  • laptop dying

  • house almost catching on fire when a bush caught on fire from a firework on July 4th (picture right) and spending a month and a half at a Layton Hotel after having half our home restored for smoke and insulation damage.


Home is a house where Bobbie and I live in Clearfield and that's thirty-six years old, where my wife's parents lived and died and the City where my wife's brother and one of her two sisters live.  Spent most of July and half of August in hotels in Layton in 2020 while our home was restored from the fire.  We are still contending with the many personal items that were either broken or we believe were stolen during the restoration of our home.



Professional ​

I have been a social worker for 18 years before I retired last year.  I received my state clinical license in 2006 because "I care about people."  I have helped, primarily using cognitive-behavioral therapy, hundreds of children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly to cope with:


  • anxiety

  • depression

  • disruptive behavior

  • suicidal ideation

  • substance abuse

  • employment issues

  • marriage and family problems


I "life coached," including the use of Gestalt and existential therapy, to help people find meaning in their lives and achieve the dreams they struggle to make into reality.


From 2015 to 2018, I also had the opportunity to teach a life skills course to over a hundred of inmate-students at the Davis County Jail consisting of:


  • Grief and Loss

  • Confidence & Self-Respect

  • Stress

  • Self Care

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication

  • Relationships

  • Career and Employment


Prior to being a social worker, I held various professional positions spanning over twenty years of my life in local governments and mostly non-profit organizations serving people like you, "caring about people."


2007 to 2018, 21  Family Counseling Services, Therapist

2019 to 2020        Independent Contractor, Therapist

2010 to 2011        Blomquist Hale Consulting, Therapist

 2009                      Salt Lake Community College, Adjunct Instructor

 2007 to 2008       Clinical Consultants, Group Therapist

 2007                      Volunteers of America, Case Manager/Therapist

 2005 to 2006       Associated Interventions & Counseling, Therapist

 2002 to 2005       New Horizons, Therapist

 2002                      Community Treatment Alternatives, Support Staff

 2001                      Turn Community Services Instructor

 2000                      Smart Title Solutions, Data Entry

 1994 to 1996       University of Utah Neighborhood Action Coalition,

                               Community Mobilizer

 1993 to 1994       Salt Lake County Aging Services Project CARE coordinator

 1990 to 1993       Sandy City Community Development Block Grant


 1989                      Salt Lake Community Action Program jobs facilitator

 1989                      University of Utah Survey Research Center interviewer

 1989                      American Red Cross Salt Lake Chapter fund raising

                                campaign coordinator

 1984-89                West Valley City community development specialist

 1982-84                West Valley City economic & redevelopment assistant

 1982                      West Valley City planning intern

 1979                      Continental Bank (now Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City)


 1976-77                Salt Lake City-County Health Department Drug Referral

                                Center file clerk

 1973                      Peck & Shaw GMC Cars and Trucks, Murray, car lot attendant

 1972                      Birds Unlimited, Hansel Valley, Utah pheasant farm laborer


2020                 Clearfield City 1000 West Left Hand-Turn Realignment

                          neighborhood advocate

2019                  Japanese American Citizens League, Volunteer

2019                  Davis Community Learning Center, English as a Second Language


2018-19             Community advocate and organizer

2014-15             Japanese American Citizens League, Salt Lake Chapter, newsletter


2012                   Clearfield City Left Hand Turn Lane, neighborhood advocate

2011-13             The Leonardo, exhibit docent

2011                   Utah State Legislature, parent advocate

2009-11             Parents of Murdered Children, Inc. Utah board member

                            and president

2005-08             Davis School District Equity Committee member and chair

2002                   University of Utah Social Work Diversity Conference chair

1999                   Japanese American Citizens League, Salt Lake Chapter,


1999                  Salt Lake City School District- Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce,

                           School-To-Careers, Community Editor

1997-98             Guadalupe School tutor

1996                   Mobilization Against Gang Violence in Communities (MAGIC) chair

1994-95             Northwest Society of Arts and Humanities (Rose Park, SLC)


1993-95              Salt Lake City Board of Education member

1993-94              Salt Lake Valley Drug Abuse Prevention Coalition Legislative

                            Committee chair

  1992                  Salt Lake Valley Drug Abuse Prevention Coalition Asian Task

                             Force member

1991-92              Salt Lake County Coordinated Grants Task Force member

1991-92              Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce Business Education

                            Committee member

1990-91              Sandy City Historic Preservation Commission staff member

1987-88              Literacy Action Center tutor

1983-86              Children's Museum of Utah docent

1979-81              Salt Lake City Board of Education member 

1974-76              Utah State Board of Education Student Rights and Responsibilities

                            Committee member 

1973-74              Utah State Board of Education Youth Advisory Committee member

1973-74              East High School Curriculum Committee member

1968-69              Bryant Junior High School Underground Newspaper reporter

Educational Qualifications
University of Utah

Masters in Social Worker


University of Utah
Masters in Public Administration


University of Utah

Pi Alpha Alpha

Honor Society for Public Affairs & Administration

Charter member and Vice-President


University of Utah

Bachelors in Political Science & Philosophy, cum laude


New College

Sarasota Florida


East High School

Salt Lake City, Utah

Graduated with Honors