There are so many resident concerns, so little time to campaign and undertake research and careful reflection.  Below are other concerns that have been brought to my attention that may deserve further consideration.  However, this website as far as I understand it, is becoming more limited in its ability to display or reference website  links to "More" individual policy concerns.  Additionally, I haven't found the level of resident urgency and multi-resident expression of these concerns to be expanded upon until after the election.  If however, you strongly believe one or some of these concerns need to be addressed now, please let me know.  Depending on the overall resident responses, I may re-consider how expansive my response will be to such concerns or weigh reluctantly to deleting an existing policy concern in order address more insistent concerns of the public:  

VACCINATIONS.  For decades, doctors and schools have required that our children become immunized with a multitude of shots and vaccines.  According to one mother, the number of mandated different vaccine shots has risen to 62 for her child.  The vaccination controversy has been with us for a long time since the late 1990s with some people saying that these vaccines themselves are dangerous even as they appear to prevent serious illnesses in many other children.  I don't have an answer to this controversy nor do I expect to have a resolution of this important issue by the time of the November election.  But I have been persuaded to keep an open mind even as I support the status quo for the time being.  There may be convincing meta-studies regarding the risks all these vaccines pose  to our children when examined over time in all their various combinations.  But I will not gamble nor roll the dice when it comes to state laws that supposedly protect our children.  Yet these laws must be based on a solid foundation of medical or scientific evidence.  It would be worthwhile for state legislators to be presented with the multitude of research on this matter when it comes to addressing this medical controversy in the upcoming legislative session in committee or in a future interim study committee next summer.

     * The loss of the 4-H Club to be able to continue using the Legacy Events Center in

        Farmington next year because it's not profitable, even though 4-H Club helped to

        build the Center.  There is even a rumor that the Davis County Fair may be at risk.

     * Davis County Auditor questions regarding how Davis County inmates' funds are

        being mishandled by the County Sheriff's Office.

     * The possible inconsistent use by at least one elementary school in House District

        #13 of The Davis School District's  “Safe Schools” clinical teams that attempts to

        tackle school-based misbehavior.

     * Our private personal information is at risk.  The State of Utah, according to a

        former Utah State Board of Education member, is selling our personal

        information it collects for revenue.

     * A former Boeing employee and another older California native questioned the

        wisdom of the State offering large tax cuts to entice major corporations to move

        to Utah.  They don't believe the benefits outweigh the costs to the State.

     * Increases in taxes (I discuss elsewhere tax breaks for senior citizens and holding

        the line on tax increases on the low, moderate, and high moderate income

        families when it comes to paying for health care and taxes for education).

     * Sunset City's perceived lack of enforcement of its own code ordinances and the

        loss of their Fire Department which may have contributed to two fire-related


     * Restrictive Home Owners Association's Declarations.


Other Concerns

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