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Four years ago, I tried to be everything for everybody and address or at least to acknowledge individual concerns on this website.  But there are so many individual resident concerns, so little time to campaign and to undertake the necessary research and careful reflection that such concerns deserve.  By exposing the public and voters to so many concerns here only serves to dilute and divert attention away from the most compelling issues that pertain to the public interest and those concerns that were directly expressed to me by hundreds of residents last year.  Additionally, this website is limited in its capacity to display or reference website links to "More" individual policy concerns.  If I do get elected this November, I will then be able to access the resources of the Legislative Research Bureau and other information and research organizations to help with individual constituency requests.

Several concerns arose in 2021 and early 2022 that were intriguing and appeared to reflect more than just a few resident shared opinions.  These concerns seem worth noting for public awareness:

  • Gun Violence.  Crime did receive thirty resident comments, most centered around the perceived increase in the amount of crime in various neighborhoods.  As for violence from guns, there was more concern about the government taking away guns from innocent, non-violent residents who adamantly defended their rights under the Second Amendment.  In seeking to address gun violence, I am willing to consider carefully crafted "Red Flag" laws that offer due process protections to residents, an expanded state-administered "Background Check" system, and adequate funding for more scientific research and study into the nature of gun violence.  Currently having examined the research, there is insufficient scientific evidence to support passing a blanket ban on "assault weapons."

  • Vintage car registration.   According to a number of vintage car residents, too many people are taking advantage of the tax advantages of registering their cars as vintage.  As such they are exempt from such things as emission testing.  There was an effort according to these residents by the state legislature this year to require ALL vintage cars to be inspected for emissions.  Legitimate antique or vintage car owners take out extra car insurance as well as use their cars only sparingly for shows and demonstrations.

  • Exotic animals.  According to one resident, there are a number of residents across the state who own exotic animals.  A proposed national law would prohibit the transportation of ANY exotic animal across state lines, even those that this owner believed do not pose any danger or threat to a person or another animal.

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