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Here Is The Opportunity To Compare Us
You Decide Who Will Best Represent You


Photograph taken January 22, 2022 at Utah Rep. Karen Peterson's home.

This year you will get to decide which of two people will represent you at our Utah State House of Representatives.  Rep. Karen Peterson was appointed by the Governor as selected by Republican delegates last December to replace our former Representative who stepped down to take a State job.  Tab Uno has been going door-to-door for more than four and a half years seeking to represent our community.  We both can bring experience and our qualifications to the state legislature.  We both have our strengths to carry out our responsibilities if elected.





  1. I have MORE TIME being retired so I can work for you full-time and provide you with better constituent service, take more time to listen and hear from you and your concerns, and undertake more research to make the best, deliberative decisions in the public interest. 

    • On July 13, 2022, more than FIVE months after the last day of the Utah Legislative Session (March 4), Rep. Peterson announced that she was going to BEGIN her campaign launch in August and "looking forward to spending time visiting with each of you..."  Acknowledging that Rep. Peterson has been attending interim legislative committee meetings, I have continued to take the time to campaign all year round in a "real" effort to meet with each of you by going to every home in House District 13 each year since March 2018 and sometimes more.  Physically, it will be impossible for Rep. Peterson to visit each of you personally.  For the next three and a half months, she has no more time left to do so.  It takes on average between five and six months to go door-to-door to canvass all the 12,000+ homes in our Legislative District.  Trust me, I know.  I've done it five times, along with dropping literature to every home four times, the latter with the help of campaign volunteers.

  2. I have MORE DIVERSE, DIRECT HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE dealing with growth, transportation, housing, environment, education, taxes, and senior citizen issues so I can make effective and real-world solutions to the real major problems that residents of our own community are concerned about.

  3. I have the FORWARD-THINKING ideas and solutions to directly tackle the problems we face as have been described in detail for you over the past four years with the multitude of my hand-delivered flyers and brochures and presented to you on this Campaign Website.

  4. I have the FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE devoid of attachments and obligations to political donors, lobbyists, and special interest groups so I can focus on your own concerns and values of Utah House District 13.

    • Unlike Rep. Peterson, I have not sought or asked for any campaign contributions.  The few donations that I have received, all from local residents living in our Legislative District have been unsolicited.  *Update October 11, 2022:  After the state financial disclosure deadline for September, I received two unsolicited $25 donations from people living outside Utah House District 13.

    • Peterson is also asking for "a good location for a large sign."  In a huge campaign difference, I have never used large signs.  All my small signs (with large UNO on them) have been obtained from receiving permission directly from individual property owners, meeting with them at their homes (and in a few instances their small businesses) on small property lots reflecting my efforts in obtaining local community support from all 24 voting precincts throughout our community.  I am focused on residents where they live in our community, not our large thoroughfares, open spaces, or illegal public property.​



20190108_144719 (2)_Moment.jpg
IMG_20211218_082232964 (2).jpg

Tab Lyn Uno

An unlit lamp post in West Point.  March 31, 20222.

Karen Peterson

Shining the light on our State Legislators


Who do we represent?  One way is to discover where our campaign donations come from.  Does money talk?  How beholden or receptive are state legislators to those who offer to pay large amounts of money for political access and influence?  State legislators work part-time and get paid for their work through our state taxes.  How many residents from our own Utah House District 13 contribute to our campaigns?   Who do you believe will have more independence to represent your interests?

"Show Me The Money"* - Contributions

*Cuba Gooding Jr., Best Supporting Acting Academy Award for Jerry Maguire (1996)

Source:  Utah State Office of the Lieutenant Governor 01/21 to 9/22 (latest info available)


Tab Lyn Uno 46 South 1050 West, Clearfield, UT,                $900.00

Tab Lyn Uno 46 South 1050 West, Clearfield, UT                   $30.05

Tab Lyn Uno 46 South 1050 West, Clearfield, UT                   $25.00

Tab Lyn Uno 46 South 1050 West, Clearfield, UT                   $93.00

Tab Lyn Uno 46 S 1050 W Clearfield, UT                                $813.31

Tab Lyn Uno 46 S 1050 W Clearfield, UT                                  $37.53

Tab Lyn Uno 46 S 1050 W Clearfield, UT                                $120.00

Tab Lyn Uno 46 S 1050 W, Clearfield, UT                               $195.73

Larry Hirschi2845 W 50 N, West Point, UT                             $20.00

Tab Lyn Uno 46 S 1050 W Clearfield, UT                                $777.28

Tab Lyn Uno 46 S 1050 W Clearfield, UT                                $363.74

Joyce Harms 722 N 800 W, Clearfield, UT                              $100.00

Tab Lyn Uno 46 S 1050 W, Clearfield, UT                                $367.48

Tab Lyn Uno 46 S 1050 W,  Clearfield, UT                              1,687.13

Tab Lyn Uno 46 S 1050 W, Clearfield, UT                                    $2.00

Tab Lyn Uno 46 S 1050 W, Clearfield, UT                                    $5.31

Tab Lyn Uno 46 S 1050 W, Clearfield, UT                                    $8.57

Mark Palmer1966 North 2400 West, Clinton, UT                   $40.00

Jeremy Lewis181 North 2875 West, West Point, UT              $10.00

Catherine Smith123 North Flint Street, Kaysville, UT             $25.00

Tab Lyn Uno46 S 1050 W, Clearfield, UT                             $3,311.50


Karen Peterson 1239 W 1235 N, Clinton, UT                              $50.00

Adrielle Herring 720 E 100 N Orem, Utah                                 $250.00

Jen Robison 10482 S. Beetdigger Blvd. , Sandy, UT                 $100.00

Education First UtahPO Box 912, Centerville, UT             $1,500.00

Heather Groom 79 E 2650 N, Lehi, UT                                       $100.00

Linda Hansen4193 N 125 W, Pleasant View, UT                         $50.00

Dan McCay13307 Heritage Farm Cove, Riverton, UT              $200.00

Adam Gardiner 652 W 1950 S, Bountiful, UT                         $1,500.00

Mike Mower 1933 East Claybourne Ave SLC, UT                      $100.00

Republican Women Lead 13457 S. Corbin Valley Dr.  Riverton, UT 


Jerry Stevenson 466 S. 1700 W. , Layton, UT                           $500.00

Jon Cox/Pacificorp 825 NE Multnomah, Portland, OR           $500.00

Beverly Ward 954 E. Millbrook Way, Bountiful, UT                  $100.00

Gary Herbert 736 W 550 S Orem, Orem, UT                            $500.00

Todd Weiler1248 W 1900 S, Woods Cross, UT                          $250.00

Margaret Busse1909 East Longview Drive, Holladay, UT        $500.00

Sheryl Allen 683 Country Court, North Salt Lake, UT                $75.00

Education First Utah* PO Box 912, Centerville, UT             $3,500.00

Nina Barnes2037 East Lepido Way, St. George, UT                  $250.00

Committee to Elect Michael McKell642 Kirby Lane Ste 105, Spanish Fork, UT                                                                                            $500.00

Elect Mike Schultz LLC1798 W 5150 S Ste 103, Roy, UT            $500.00

Stokes Strategies21 G Street, Salt Lake City, UT                        $500.00

Utah Bankers Association175 S Main Ste 1420, SLC, UT          $250.00

Friends of Spencer CoxPO Box 564, Fairview, UT                   $2,500.00

Logan Toone113 E 2325 S, Clearfield, UT                                  $125.00

Friends of Deidre HendersonPO Box 3431, SLC, UT 84110     $500.00

Kristen Cox9689 S Candle Spruce Cv, Sandy, UT                       $150.00

Blake Kirby1251 Federal Heights Drive, SLC, UT                       $250.00

Bonnie Beesley1492 E. Kristianna Cir, Salt Lake City, UT         $500.00

Jesselie Anderson1326 Third Ave, Salt Lake City, UT              $500.00

Gail Miller 9350 South 150 East, Ste 1000, Sandy, UT         $1,500.00

Karen Fairbanks1613 Wasatch Dr, Ogden, UT                        $100.00

Utah AG PAC 9865 S State Street, Sandy, UT                             $500.00

Utah Medical PAC 310 East 4500 South Suite 500, SLC, UT    $350.00

Paul Stahle695 N 3400 W, Layton, UT                                      $1,000.00

Energy Solutions299 S. Main Street, Suite 1700, SLC, UT        $500.00

Tami Pyfer11309 S. Berg Hollow Lane, South Jordan, UT        $250.00

PacifiCorp825 NE Multnomah, Portland, OR                             $500.00

Davis County Republican Party228 W 250 S, Kaysville, UT   $5,000.00

Utah House Republican Election Committee PAC370 East South Temple, Suite 580, Salt Lake City, UT                                        $2,000.00

Republican Women Lead13457 S. Corbin Valley Dr, Riverton, UT                                                                                                                  $1,000.00

Wilson Leadership PAC67 S Main Ste 300, Layton, UT          $1,000.00

Comcast1701 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA                          $500.00

Utah Petroleum Marketers & Retailers Association153 S 900 E #3, Salt Lake City, UT                                                                            $100.00

Friends of Timothy Hawkes443 S 225 E, Centerville, UT         $500.00

Clearfield Recycling96 West 1700 South, Clearfield, UT          $500.00

Home Builders Association38 West 13775 South, Draper, UT $500.00

Maverik185 S. State Street, Ste 800, Salt Lake City, UT           $500.00

NucorCemetary Road Plymouth, 84330, Plymouth, UT          $300.00

Two separate contributions stand out for their being from the same organization and being some of the largest donations and by themselves exceeding my own total campaign funds during the reporting period covered.  Education First Utah contributed a total of $5,000.  But then a Co-Chair of the same organization donated an additional $1,500, an Executive Committee member donated $500, and a Steering Committee member donated an additional $100 for a grand total of $7,100 probably close to my entire campaign expenditures for this year!

While the online description of this organization and its goals for education appear on its face to be quite laudable, TWO darker, underlying concerns can be raised from these contributions.

  1. This organization NEVER contacted me or my organization to offer me an opportunity to present a case as to why my election to the Utah House 13 would not be superior to that of the incumbent even as I support many of the same advertised ideals of this organization.  This lack of access and the insular approach to excluding consideration of outside candidates raises serious questions about this organizations' quality decision-making capabilities, albeit its good intentions.

  2. This organization appears to reflect a GOOD OLD BOY network and suggests being an elitist group of outsiders than a populist organization that represents the general interest of education of our own community.  I on the other hand have maintained an open-mind and sought to provide an opportunity to gain the awareness of ALL residents living in OUR OWN community their own worries, concerns, and solutions to ensure educational quality in Utah House District 13 neighborhoods.

Tab Lyn Uno



Karen has only been in office for less than a year and had an opportunity to cast votes during one Utah Legislative Session.  The Utah House of Representatives had to go through nearly 500 bills this year.  Overall, it appears that Rep. Peterson this past year has handled herself well with balanced and reasonable decisions in most instances.  She appears to have represented our Legislative District with integrity for the most part.  I have found her personally accessible and willing to discuss matters of importance.  However, in looking at several specific votes that Rep. Peterson is on record making,




Voted AGAINST House Bill 242 Amendments that required the installation and use of meters on all secondary water connections by January 1, 2030, except for existing connections within smaller counties, and provides penalties for noncompliance, including holding back funding for water projects. Also creates a grant program using ARPA funding to help install secondary water meters.  Rep. Peterson believes that installing of these meters would cost too much and raise taxes far too much.

During the driest months of the year, Utahns’ yards can be a primary culprit for water overuse. But there’s one thing some water districts are seeing make a big difference in how much customers use: secondary water meters.  As of April 2022, just 15% of Utah’s 260,000 secondary, outdoor water connections were metered, meaning those homeowners know exactly how much water they use for their landscaping and gardens and hopefully cut back.  “It needs to be our top priority,” said Candice Hasenyager, director of the Utah Division of Water Resources. “There’s no substitute for water.  Metering Utah’s secondary water may help overuse in drought, The Salt Lake Tribune (July 13, 2022).



Was ABSENT on House Bill 182 which prohibited city mayors from exercising emergency powers in response to a pandemic or an epidemic.  Rep. Peterson suggested that she may have been called into the Utah House Speaker's office on an important matter.

Voted for H.B. 183 regarding in-person school and COVID testing requirements.  Rep. Peterson agreed to the usurpation or taking away the legal power of all local school districts and County Health Departments to decide whether to test students for COVID before allowing them to attend school in person.  Without setting any legal or scientific criteria in the amended law in making this decision,  the State Legislative gave the Governor, the President of the Utah Senate, and the Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives the sole power to decide whether testing would be effective in mitigating the harmful public health effects of COVID variants.  Our State Legislature along with Rep. Peterson made the top three most powerful political state leaders into a triumvirate to become the judge, jury, and executioner over COVID decision-making over all of our public schools in the state of Utah.  Instead of passing a law based on science that contained legal and scientifically based criteria when COVID testing should be required, that could be adjudicated in a court of law, the State Legislative left these most important public health and education decisions to the subjective whims of three men.  This in my opinion is an extreme example of an abuse of state political power with few precedents in Legislative history.  See HEALTH CARE Webpage.


Voted for Senate Bill 59 that cut the corporate and individuals income tax rate from 4.95% to 4.85%, expand eligibility for the social security benefits tax credit by increasing the threshold for the income-based phaseout, and enacts a state-earned income tax credit (though this EITC is nonrefundable which means it offers no benefit to working families with incomes too low to owe state taxes. so it doesn’t help most low-income individuals).  See TAXES & ECONOMY Webpage.  The "gossip" that I heard was that the Republican leadership put a lot of pressure on all Republican legislators to vote for this measure.  Being independent of the Republican Party I would have likely voted against this bill that only helps rich families and gives back only to most families less than $100 this year.  Instead, I would consider the elimination of the sales tax on food would have likely benefited the growing proportion of elderly in Utah on fixed incomes and low-income families without really impacting most other families in our Legislative District.  I would also move to restructure our current state tax system to put more money into middle-income families' pockets.

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