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January 2020

Update August 2022


Utah State Capitol on November 1, 2021, the one and only day the State Legislature received public comments on the Decennial Restricting of Utah's Legislative districts.




Updated Remarks from my 2022 Spring/Summer Campaign Flyer

The SECOND biggest concern of our community members is State Government.  Our Utah "Socialist," "Authoritarian" State Legislature continues to chip away at our precious freedoms and has:

  • Ignored the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission's recommendations

  • Prevented cities from inspecting new homes for code violations

  • Prevented school districts, cities, and local health departments from deciding how to protect their own students and residents from COVID-19

  • Voted against medical marijuana (approved by public initiative)

  • Voted against expanded Medicaid (approved by public initiative)

  • Voted to make it harder for voters to pass public initiatives

  • Voted for new taxes on business services (repealed under public pressure)

  • Continued to support corporate welfare socialism bringing more people into Utah and increasing housing costs, traffic congestion, and environmental pollution.

  • Prevented cities from regulating powerful, dangerous fireworks


As your state legislator, I will work to:



government closest to the people)

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2020 Government Reform Video


"Government reform" is the second most common concern raised by Northern Davis County residents for the second time in a row (2019 and 2021).


  • Two years ago, the Governor and our State Legislature met in special session to pass a massive tax reform bill that would have benefitted mostly rich people. 

  • Three years ago, the State Legislature ignored the people's majority vote on medical marijuana and expanded Medicaid (only to see expanded Medicaid approved by the federal government beginning this year).

  • In April 2019, the State Legislature took steps to impair our Governor in issuing "emergency executive orders" during this dangerous COVID-19 Pandemic and create its own economic recovery commission adding another layer of bureaucracy.




"More than two-thirds of Utahns oppose the key pieces of state tax reform" according to a poll conducted for the Deseret News (12/30/2019).  Again the State Legislature for the second time since marijuana and Medicaid policy reversals rushed major legislation through during a special session without Committee hearings to allow the public to have a say in what the law should look like.  The voters and the public have a right to be heard and their voices counted when it comes to laws that affect every Utahn.  The public deserves to have a state legislature to address actual problems instead of trying to tackle situations that only appear to be a problem.  Where was the emergency budget problem?  Where was the economic recovery problem?  The Governor had already begun to put together the science-based outline of opening up our economy.  "Utah makes plans for ‘soft’ reopening by early May amid coronavirus outbreak, "Salt Lake Tribune (April 17, 2020).



Electing people to office who believe in a representative democracy.  Voting for candidates who believe that voters are intelligent and are interested in being involved in the political process if given a fair and decent opportunity.  Forming a State Legislature that includes working for you and Northern Davis County.  Our community needs a candidate dedicated to:


  • Passing stronger CONFLICT OF INTEREST laws that will require candidates for elective office to publish a statement in their literature, websites, or visual advertisements regarding potential conflicts of interests where they might be able to profit from laws they vote on, if they so choose to do so, and provide a way for the voters to conveniently look up the specific ways that a conflict of interest might arise in their line of employment or business-related activities].*

  • Reaching out to you.   I will be VISITING EVERY HOME each term that I am in Office and undertaking constituency service working for you on an individual basis getting you to the resources you need. 

  • Keeping in touch with you.  I will create  MONTHLY EMAILS and NEWSLETTER UPDATES and Facebook so you will be aware of what's happening on Capitol Hill.  Transparency in government.

  • Connecting with you.  Regardless of political differences, YOU DESERVE TO BE REPRESENTED.  If elected, I will help you or connect you with a Davis County Representative who can best represent your concerns so you can be heard on Capitol HIll.

  • Ensuring that there will be a State Representative who will work AGAINST FRIVOLOUS AND SYMBOLIC LAWS that waste the taxpayer's time and money or laws that overstep the proper role of the state legislature better left to the other branches of government, local government, or the even the people themselves.

  • Running for re-election only using the wages paid to me by the taxpayers for my time as your state representative and ACCEPTING NO OUTSIDE CONTRIBUTIONS OR DONATIONS and avoiding wasting my time fund-raising so I can instead personally visit with you in person without having to worry about asking for money and only seeking your opinions and ideas in order to best represent you.

  • Making elected officials responsive to the public.  I will fight for TERM LIMITS so that elected officials will not make a professional career out of being an elected state official.  I promise to voluntarily leave office after eight years as your State Representative.

*  Conflict of Interest laws to consider might require inclusion of a "Reduction of Conflict of Interest Plan" easily accessible to the public that could state for example that the candidate chooses not to have a plan, plans to recuse or avoid voting on any proposals that may involve conflicts of interest, setting a certain limit of profit gained from any proposals voted on, or relinguishing, giving up any vested interest in a business or investments that could likely involve a conflict of interest.


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